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Favourite genre of music: Rock, Punk Rock, Goth industrial, Heavy Metal, EMO, some times no sound at all O_o
Favourite photographer: umm... my friends on DA? ^^;
Favourite style of art: just guess what i'm gonna say... lol my friends on DA ^^;
Skin of choice: i likemy skin ^_^
Favourite cartoon character: Raven, Terra, RedX, Robin, Rorek and Malchior ^^
Personal Quote: "the memmory now is like the picture was then, once the papers crumpled up it cant be perfet ag

Do i have and Excuse for diasppearing?


Is it rational in any way possible



OK so heres my EXCUSE! ... ... ... ... ... ...





ok no wait i'll use the one i told shattered Skies!!

IT WAS ARMAGEDON! Judgement day had come and all hell had broken lose! so there i was screaming my head of and grabbing a chincila which just so happened to crawl through my window! :D IRONIC!  

so anway! THERE I WAS! about to DIE when i told God that i uh... left my socks in the laundry!

so yeah.. he Postponed judgement day so i could save my socks from mixing colors in teh washing machine! :D

and then THE SUN! yeah. the uhh SUN err... .  BRoKe? :aww:

Rational enough for ya! :D :D


Ok yeah i'm sorry for not replying (again) dont hurt me...

But schools taking its Tol on me...

I had a whole buncha student council meeting, and i got invited to join some National Junior Honor Society :O_o: which i have no clue what the heck it is ^^;

BUT I GOT CERTIFICATES for getting a  4.60 Grade Point Average!!! :D :D :D

so yeah... EXAMS COMING UP!!! NOOOO!!!! *fleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!*

*comes back to finish Journal*

Interesting part of this Journal starts now....

But i had a CRAZY day today!!! it was AWSOME!! my brother wanted to hang with me today!! I COULDN't believe it!!!!

So we played Resident Evil and ordered Food! then we sent our drivert o pick it up for us!

Then, being the smart guy our driver is, he got the wrong order so we got stuck with

FISH'n'CHIPS :nirvana: SO we were all like AHHHHH!!!! :sprint: and we drove there and got our order back!! :D we ate there and just to get them back we took the knife and carved all over their walls and tables :aww:

MUAHAHAH a sign that we were there!!! :mwahaha:

On the way home we raced a whole buncha guys on teh Road (i wore my seatbelt! :aww::aww: ) And we BEAT those SUCKERS!!!! :boogie: :dance:

Then we stopped to buy my mom a flower from a flowershop. The shop was closed so we walked around and my money flew outta my hand, into an alley and under a garage door.

This is the wierd part...

so me and my brother open the garage door and find THE MOTHER LOAD OF CARS STASHED UN THERE!!

There were Lamberinies lined up on one side, Porshes on the other, Humers, BMWs, MERCEDES YOU NAME IT!!! it was the mother load of Sports Cars all hidden in a garage at the back of an alley!!!


so we opened a few of the cars and messed with them! i jumped from the tops of cars (some are sadly dented now :D ) I WAS AWSOME!! then we took pictures with his phone and left :XD:

so i get my money and we leave the garage and keep walking till we saw another flower shop.

We walked in and the guy wasn't there. I'm serious, he left EVERYTHING UNLOCKED and he left! we checked the bathroom, his office, EVERYTHING!

so we got bored and Trashed the place :XD: we threw flowers EVERYWERE, we grabbed petals and tossed them  around dancing like idiots.

Then we got bored so we mugged the guy of  a few roses and left the shop :D

We nearly hit a bird who WOULDN'T LEAVE THE ROAD!!! and we stopped by his girlfriends house, left her one of the roses and left :D

We gotta coke, went home, and told my dad that we went to buy gum :D

And thats my Day today!! :D :D :D


i have ART coming in so yeah, and the Malchior the Gemtleman Series will continue!! PART three is longer than the others... Right now i'm on the THIRD page but i'll just scan them and stick them together to save you the trouble :D :hug:


:bulletblue: My FRIENDS (People i STALK, erm WATCH )
:bulletblue: CLUBs

:o::t::h::e::r:_ :s::i::t::e::s:

:bulletblue: Titans Meant 2 Be MESSAGE BOARD (we have an OEKAKI now! )
:bulletblue: WATCH Foamy the SQUIRREL!
:bulletblue: SIGN the SAVE TEEN TITANS Petition NOW!


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